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Account Verification is required to enhance the security and quality of your Sweet account.

In order to bid on auctions and list your own collectibles, you’ll first need to follow this quick verification process.

Via Web

1. Click your name at the top-right of the screen, then choose “My Profile”:

2. Select “Verify your Account” at the bottom right of the screen:

3. Click “Continue”:

4. Enter your mobile number and press the arrow:

5. Enter the code sent to your mobile device then click “Continue”:

6. You’ll now see the Account Verification screen. Click “Continue” again to begin verifying via Persona:

7. Follow the prompts. You’ll first upload an identifying document like a state ID or driver's license:

8. Then you’ll be asked to confirm your identity via your device’s camera:

9. Persona will then verify your identity. Click “Done” once complete:

You now have an identified profile!:

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