Tezos (FA2) NFT auctions on the Sweet platform are payed out via Tezos (XTZ) and can be sent to the supported Kukai Wallet.

Use the following instructions to create a Kukai Wallet and send auction payments successfully:

Kukai Setup

  1. Navigate to the official Kukai Wallet website (https://wallet.kukai.app/)

  2. Click Create Wallet

  3. Write down your seed phrase (very important!) and click Next

  4. Verify your seed phrase

  5. Download your encrypted keystore file

  6. Click Open Wallet

  7. Copy your public wallet address

Sweet Setup

  1. Navigate to Sweet on a computer (or desktop mode on a mobile browser)

  2. Click "LOG IN / SIGN UP" and login

  3. Navigate to My Wallet

  4. Click on a token you would like to auction

  5. Click Sell on Sweet

  6. Enter the Kukai Wallet address you copied

  7. After verification completes click Looks Good! Continue

  8. Once the auction completes and the buyer completes payment, Tezos will be automatically sent to your Kukai Wallet address

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