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Send Tezos token to Kukai Wallet
Send Tezos token to Kukai Wallet

Send a Tezos FA2 NFT to Kukai

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Tokens (including NFTs) minted on the Tezos blockchain can be sent outside Sweet, to your own address, managed by a wallet such as Kukai.

Disclaimer: Once a token is sent outside Sweet, we call the contract to revoke our control over it. The fate of the token is solely in your hands once it leaves our ecosystem.

Kukai Setup

  1. Navigate to the official Kukai Wallet website (

  2. Click Create Wallet

  3. Write down your seed phrase (very important!) and click Next

  4. Download your encrypted keystore file. Some people advocate deleting any digital copies of your keys; and only keeping the seed phrase on a piece of paper, so as to make things more difficult for an attacker.

  5. Click Open Wallet

  6. Copy your account address (this is the hash of the public key)

Sweet Setup

  1. Navigate to in a web browser in desktop mode

  2. Click "LOG IN / SIGN UP" and log in

  3. Navigate to My Wallet

  4. Click on a token you would like to send to your own address

  5. Click the three dots on the upper right of the token details (above the rarity) and choose Send to Private Address

  6. Read the warning of potential issues that could occur and click I Understand

  7. Paste your Kukai Wallet address > wait for verification > and click Confirm Transfer

Note: Transfers usually finish within 5 minutes.

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