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RED NVLPE Launch - 2022
RED NVLPE Launch - 2022

Chinese New Year NFT Collection

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Curated by world-renowned lifestyle designer & entrepreneur Edison Chen, this collection of 8,888 NFTs features 8 artists – each acclaimed in their respective disciplines of streetwear, songwriting, tattoo art, oil painting, and more.

Key Dates

Feb 1, select winners of presale notified and given whitelist NFT

Feb 14, presale opens (24 hour period)

Feb 15, general sale opens

Launch URL

Launch Platform

Web and mobile browser (not available on the Sweet mobile app)

Featured Artists

Whitelist Pre-sale Access

  1. You will be provided a unique link to click on which will route you to the site

  2. Login (or create an account) and you will be granted a free red envelope NFT

  3. You must hold this NFT in your Sweet NFT wallet in order to purchase during the whitelist period (do not send this to an external wallet)


How do I get access to the pre-sale?

A select group of winners were randomly chosen from the initial pre-sale signup and notified by email from

What type of NFT are these?


What blockchain have the red envelope pre-sale NFTs been minted on?


Can I transfer my red envelope pre-sale NFT to an external wallet?

Yes, after the public sale goes live on February 15th, 2022.

What blockchain have the 8888 Red NVLPE artist NFTs been minted on?


How many tokens can I buy in the pre-sale?

Limit 1 token per person

Can I resell my 8888 Red NVLPE artist NFT?

Yes, you can sell the NFT on OpenSea or any other Ethereum NFT marketplace

What method of payment can I use to buy a 8888 Red NVLPE artist NFT?

Payment must be made in Ethereum only

Is there utility tied to any of the NFTs?

Utility will vary by artist collection. Follow the artist on social media for additional information and announcements

I already have a Sweet account I use on the Sweet mobile app, do I need to create a new account?
No! The same credentials you use on the mobile app or on will work at

Where do I get the MetaMask wallet?

The mobile MetaMask wallet can be downloaded here or the browser extension version here

I bought a 8888 Red NVLPE NFT, but don’t see it in my MetaMask wallet?

Connect the MetaMask wallet Chrome extension to OpenSea or use the MetaMask mobile app to see your NFT

How do I add Ethereum to MetaMask to make my purchase?

Click Buy in MetaMask and purchase Ethereum with a credit card or buy Ethereum from a crypto exchange and transfer it in

What is the official OpenSea link for the 2426C collections?

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