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McLaren Launch - 2022

Gulf x McLaren Livery Drop

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Welcome to the McLaren Racing Collective! Building on the success of our first-ever drop, we’ve decided to once again take our Formula 1 car apart so you can put it back together. This time though, it is the stunning Gulf-livered MCL35M that raced at the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix. Collect all 22 3D car parts by the deadline to claim a 3D interactive collectible of the completed Gulf x McLaren MCL35M.

Whether you’re new to the program or a seasoned McLaren Racing Collective veteran, please read this section carefully as this Drop introduces new improvements in response to feedback from the community.

Drop Schedule:




Swap Window

16:00GMT Tuesday 25 January

15:59GMT Thursday 27 January

Wave 1

16:00GMT Thursday 27 January

15:59GMT Friday 28 January

Wave 2

16:00GMT Friday 28 January

15:59GMT Saturday 29 January

Wave 3

16:00GMT Monday 31 January

15:59GMT Tuesday 1 February

Wave 4

16:00GMT Tuesday 1 February

15:59GMT Wednesday 2 February

Car Claiming Window

Delayed - Join the McLaren Discord for updates

Delayed - Join the McLaren Discord for updates

Swap Window

We invite fans who participated in the McLaren MCL35M Drop #1 to swap their parts for equivalent components from this new Gulf x McLaren Livery Drop. Please note that mint numbers will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis and may not be the same as the part traded in. Also note that your selected McLaren MCL35M parts to swap will be sent to the junkyard. (Read more about sending your parts to the junkyard below.)

To swap your part from Drop #1 to Drop #2 for free, please follow these steps:

  • Go to your Sweet wallet on your web browser ( then log in).

  • Select the part of the McLaren MCL35M that you’d like to swap.

  • Click on the Send to Private Address button on the selected part.

  • On the message that appears, please click I Understand.

  • Enter the following Junk Yard Wallet address in the first field that comes up: tz1h6ob37kpCKUCU3UXvMamhWUZ2uFEBUaGk

  • After you have entered the address and the address has been verified, please click the button: Confirm Transfer.

  • Once you have confirmed the transfer of your selected McLaren MCL35M part, Sweet will grant you the same piece of the Gulf x McLaren Car Livery, noting that the mint number granted will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. Please allow up to 2 hours for the swap to be complete. All parts will be swapped before Wave 1 of the Gulf x McLaren Car Livery campaign.

If the part that you’d like to swap is no longer on Sweet, please send the part to the private wallet address above and we will issue the new part to the origin wallet.

Please Note: Only paid parts can be exchanged via the swap window. All users who received the free Front Right Tyre and Wheel through Drop #1 will have to purchase this part during Drop #2, Wave 1.

Edition Sizes

Car parts are now released as open editions with a 24-hour duration. When each wave is released, the minting window for the parts in that wave opens and will close 24 hours later, as detailed in the schedule table above. During the open minting window, users can purchase as many editions of each part as they like.

Claiming a Gulf x McLaren Car

The car claim window will be open for five days after Wave 4 closes (see schedule table above). During this time, users may submit as many sets of 22 unique parts to the transfer wallet (the wallet address will be announced in the McLaren Racing Collective Discord). Each set of 22 unique parts results in minting a car. If you have enough unique parts, there is no limit to how many cars you can claim.

Sending Parts to the Junkyard

Sending your part to the junkyard simply means that once the part is sent, the NFT will cease to exist forever. There are two instances in this campaign where you will send parts to the junkyard:

  1. Your selected MCL35M part that will be swapped to receive an equivalent part of the new Gulf x McLaren ML35M.

  2. Your selected Gulf x McLaren MCL35M parts that you will trade in to claim the complete Gulf x McLaren MCL35M NFT. To claim a car during this drop, you will have to send a complete set of 22 parts to the junkyard.If you own two or more of the same parts, please be sure to transfer the mint number that you’d like to send. Once sent to the junkyard, the NFT will not be able to be reissued. The wallet address to send parts will be communicated before the opening of the car claiming period.


I swapped my Drop #1 parts for Drop #2 parts, when will I receive them?

Users who trade in their Drop #1 parts during the swap window will see their equivalent Drop #2 parts appear in their account when Wave 1 opens.

Will my mint numbers transfer over from my Drop #1 to Drop #2 parts?

No, mint numbers for Drop #2 parts will be assigned in the order parts are received in the “junkyard”. Eg. the very first user to submit their Drop #1 parts to swap for Drop #2 parts will receive parts with mint #1, regardless of the mint number of their Drop #1 parts. If you want low mint numbers, be quick!

Has the pricing changed at all between Drop #1 and Drop #2?

No, the pricing for parts is remaining constant across the Drops

The car claim window has closed, but I still have a set of 22 unique parts I would like to trade in to claim a car, is this possible?

No, even if you have parts left over after the car claim window closes it will not be possible to redeem them for a car. The total number of Gulf x McLaren Livery MCL35Ms will be fixed at the close of the car claim window.

I have submitted my parts to the junkyard during the car claim window, when will I receive my car?

You will receive your car in your Sweet account within 48 hours of the close of the car claim window. Please make sure to send your parts to the right place as the junkyard addresses for part swapping and car claiming are different.

If I have sent my pieces from Drop #1 off of the Sweet platform, can I still take advantage of the swap window?

You can send in your Drop #1 part to the swap wallet from outside of the Sweet platform, and you will still receive your equivalent part from this Drop granted to your wallet of origin. However, you will not be able to use parts held in an external wallet towards completing the Gulf x McLaren Livery car.

Can I transfer my Gulf x McLaren Livery parts to an external wallet?

You can. However…

  1. If you’d like to participate in the car part swap and the piece you’d like to exchange lives in an external wallet, you can still send the part to the wallet address Sweet provided, but the new piece will be sent to your origin external wallet.

  2. If it’s more than one part, you will not be able to use parts held in an external wallet towards completing the Gulf x McLaren Livery car. This is because of difficulties with visibility between external wallets, the Sweet platform, and the wallet that users must send their parts to during the Car Claiming Window. Please reach out to one of the McLaren Reps on the McLaren Racing Collective Discord server and we will do our best to help you.

I want to auction my digital collectibles on the Sweet platform. How do I create a digital wallet to receive my XTZ?

Please visit this page to learn how to create a digital wallet to receive your pay-out in XTZ from the user-to-user auction

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