Initiating Via Mobile:

1. Access your wallet by clicking the middle icon:

2. Select the NFT you would like to trade.

3. Tap “Trade on Sweet”:

4. Choose what you would like to trade it for:

(You can search or browse for options)

5. Click “Request Trade”:

6. Your trade request will be submitted to all owners of the NFT, and you’ll be notified if your trade is accepted:

(Note: Trade requests will expire in 24 hours if not accepted.)

Accepting Trades Via Mobile:

1. Click the trades icon on the app:

2. Scroll to review and accept requests.

3. Tap to review the request, then click “Decline or Accept”:

4. If accepting the trade, confirm to complete:

5. Sweet will process your trade request:

6. Your trade request is now accepted!:

(Your new NFT will now appear in your wallet.)

Via Web (feature COMING SOON):

1. Go to your wallet.

2. Click on the NFT you would like to trade:

3. Click the “Trade on Sweet” button:

4. You’ll be prompted to continue the trade via the mobile app.

Want to learn more about determining if a trade is a good offer? Check here for some tips!

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