Send NFT to MetaMask Wallet

Transfer Polygon or Ethereum ERC-721 tokens to a private MetaMask wallet

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MetaMask wallet is one of the most widely supported non-custodial (private) wallets for both cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Any Polygon or Ethereum-based NFT on the Sweet platform can be transferred to a MetaMask wallet.

Disclaimer: Once a token is sent outside Sweet, we call the contract to revoke our control over it. The fate of the token is solely in your hands once it leaves our ecosystem. The token cannot be sent back to your Sweet wallet.

Transfer Steps

  1. Download the MetaMask wallet

  2. Add the Polygon Network using these steps if this is a Polygon NFT otherwise use the default Ethereum Network

  3. Copy your MetaMask wallet address to your clipboard

  4. Log into

  5. Open your Polygon NFT

  6. Click the three dots on the upper right of the token details (above the rarity) and choose to Send to Private Address

  7. Paste the MetaMask address and Send

  8. Open your MetaMask Wallet

  9. Click the NFTs tab

  10. Click Import NFTs (this will say Import Tokens in the browser extension)

  11. Add the contract address and sequence ID of the token (both can be found from Polygonscan | example)

  12. Click Import

  13. Refresh

Important: You can skip steps 8-13 and connect your MetaMask wallet to OpenSea to view your collectibles immediately after the transfer has been completed.

To view the progress of the transaction on the blockchain, utilize Polygonscan or Etherscan to search your MetaMask wallet address and click on the ERC-721 tab.

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