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Buying an NFT on the Sweet Mobile App
Buying an NFT on the Sweet Mobile App

Purchase an NFT on the Sweet iOS or Android platform

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Purchasing NFTs from your mobile device is an easy, straightforward process.

Below is a step-by-step guide for purchasing a fixed-priced NFT on the Sweet mobile app:

Alternative methods for purchasing an NFT include:

To Purchase A Fixed-Price NFT via mobile:

1. Tap the “Store” or “Sets” tab on the bottom menu:

2. Tap the NFT you would like to purchase and click, “Collect This Card”:

3. Review your purchase options…

Some NFTs can be purchased outright:

While others offer package deals:

4. Slide to complete your purchase:

5. Confirm using the default payment options from your phone:

6. You now own a sweet new NFT:

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