Some NFTs can be purchased via auction, in which case they are awarded to the highest bidder. You’ll often find these to be the rarest NFTs, with some only having a run of one.

Before getting started, be sure your account is verified.

Here’s how to bid on an NFT -

Via Web:

1. Navigate to the “Auctions” tab:

2. Click on your NFT of choice, then click “Bid”:

*Note you can only bid on a NFT while there’s still time on the countdown, so act quickly.

3. Enter the maximum your maximum bid:

*Note that once you click "Place Bid" you will be locked in.

4. Keep track of the current bids!

Your Auctions Page will show the NFTs you’re bidding on, including if you’re still leading in the auction and the current bid:

You can see bid history at the bottom of the NFT's main page:

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