NFT sent to the Wrong Address

What happens when you attempt to send an NFT to an incorrect or incompatible address?

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There are a few situations where your attempts to send an NFT may be thwarted by the simple act of using the Wrong Address.

Disclaimer: Once a token is sent outside Sweet, we call the contract to revoke our control over it. The fate of the token is solely in your hands once it leaves our ecosystem. The token cannot be sent back to your Sweet wallet.

NFT Sent to the Wrong Wallet Address

In this scenario, you intended to send the token to a wallet address (on the correct blockchain) but the address that you pasted after clicking Send to Private Address was unknown to you or not the correct address for the wallet you intended.

If the address is one that you control, you will need to go about the the transfer process native to the wallet that received your token. If the token was sent to a wallet that you do not control, that token is likely lost, unless you have a way of contacting the owner of the wallet.

NFT Sent to the Right Wallet Address on the Wrong Blockchain

Tokens minted on either Matic or Ethereum networks but sent to a wallet on the wrong blockchain will most likely be lost. If an NFT minted on Matic on the Polgon network is sent to an Ethereum wallet the NFT is most likely lost. Similarly, NFTs minted on the Matic on Ethereum network sent to a Matic wallet on the Polygon network will also be lost.

MATIC minted NFTs need to be sent to a wallet like MetaMask with the Polygon network added to support the Matic NFTs

Want to know more about the difference between MATIC on Polygon and Matic on Ethereum and why it matters? See our article here.

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