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Kia Robo Dog Launch - 2022
Kia Robo Dog Launch - 2022

Kia launches a Robo Dog NFT in partnership with Sweet

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Kia has partnered with Sweet and Petfinder Foundation to help those like Robo Dog find their forever home. 90% of initial sales proceeds from Robo Dog NFTs will go to help animal shelters and rescues across the country.

Each of the 10,000 Robo Dog NFTs will have their own unique combination of traits that makes them special - just like dogs, cats, and other furry friends you'll find at an adoption center near you.

Key Dates

Feb 11, Claim your free Kia Adoption Pass NFT (ALL CLAIMED)

Feb 13, Kia Robo Dog auctions open at Noon EST on

Feb 18, Generative Kia Robo Dog NFTs go on sale

  • 3pm EST, early access for Adoption Pass holders

  • 7pm EST, public access (while supplies last)

Launch Platform

Web and mobile browser (not available on the Sweet mobile app)

Press Release


What type of NFT are these?


What blockchain have the Robo Dog Adoption Pass NFTs been minted on?


How can I adopt my Robo Dog and associated NFT?

Visit, click on the link, and press Buy Now. The name and traits of your new companion will be revealed when you have completed the transaction.

How can I view my Robo Dog and their traits?

Simply visit your wallet on the Sweet web app or in the mobile app.

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