One great way of acquiring sold out tokens is through trading with other Sweet users. If you your attempts at a one-for-one trade are not successful, you may need to sweeten the offer. That's where upping the ante and offering two or three tokens of lesser value comes in. Here is how to select multiple tokens to offer in trade.

1. Search for the token you want to acquire and tap Collect this Coin

2. Tap the Reach out to all for a trade

3. Tap on each of the tokens you are willing to offer in trade (scroll left to see more in your wallet) and tap Ask for a Trade.

5. Close the confirmation window by tapping Got it.

Trade requests are offered to all users that may be holding that token in their wallets and will expire after 24 hours. You will be notified in app when someone accepts the terms of your trade offer.

Good luck!

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