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Scanning a QR Code

One way of acquiring NFTs in Sweet is through scanning a QR Code. Here is how to do it.

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There are a lot of ways to grow your collection of digital collectibles. Among these are trading amongst friends, attending special events, or acquiring physical tickets from different brands. In each of these cases, the easiest way to add the token to your wallet is by scanning the QR code with your mobile phone or another device.

QR codes, which stand for “quick response,” are one of the most popular types of barcodes in use today. Just follow these quick steps and you will have that token in your wallet in no time.

Scanning a QR code

1. Open the camera app on your mobile device.

2. Point the camera at the QR code and align it on your screen

3. Tap "Open in..."

4. Log in to your Sweet wallet by tapping Connect and entering your credentials.

5. Tap through to view your new NFT in your wallet.

Note, for your security, only open links for QR codes from trusted sources and individuals.

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