The weekly Sweet Pop releases are one way we get to show our thanks for your participation in our growing community. They are also great to help grow awareness about the technology and to create opportunities to build your collections.

They are colorful, cute, and come at you once a week.
They are the Weekly Reward.

The creative team takes particular pride, as we move through the year, developing holiday and event-themed pops. All varieties of flavors get featured and even a few spooky or wintery pops make appearances.

From the time you first open your wallet, Sweet offers users the "weekly reward" in the form of Sweet Pop NFTs. You can check on the timing for your next drop easily in the top left corner of the mobile app.

When your timer runs down to 0:00, you will see the splash of color and familiar chime as your next token is revealed and deposited into your wallet.

Take note, that the Sweet Pop series are limited in number and are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis. So make sure to check your app for your next drop.

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