Stripe enables you to get paid for NFTs you sell or auction on Sweet. When the NFT you have listed in the Sweet Marketplace sells, you can receive USD funds directly to your bank account via Stripe.

The steps are simple and straight forward.

Note: At this time, due to Stripe limitations, users located in Mexico, Brazil, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, will not be able to use Stripe.

Connect Stripe to your Sweet account

1. Navigate to your profile and tap on the button Connect to Stripe.

2. Confirm that you wish to connect a Stripe account.

3. Enter your mobile number and email address.

4. Enter your name, address, and social security information.

5. Enter your "business" information. Note, you may use as the business website.

6. Link bank account or debit card (link bank account or enter debit card)

7. Review your information and congratulations, you are done.

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