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How are NFTs organized in Sweet?
How are NFTs organized in Sweet?

NFTs in Sweet are organized in Sweet based on Collections, Series, and Collectibles

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Navigating the Sweet community and marketplace is a lot easier if one understands how the NFTs are organized. A good way to think of the structure is like a funnel going from the largest unit to the smallest, individual token. The three terms you will most often come across are, collection, series, and token.

Collection (aka Marketplace)

On the Sweet Platform, a Collection is a body of work. This can be seen as a gallery of work created by an artist or an online store featuring collectibles representing entertainment or sporting events. When in the Sweet platform you will see the term collection and marketplace used interchangeably. This is a top-level organization of NFT work into which you can delve.


A series is the sum total run of NFTs minted for a specific piece of digital art or collectible. Each NFT in the series can be identical or unique, and sometimes contain Easter egg content with surprise utility attached.

Token (aka NFT or Collectible)

This is the unique, blockchain-minted, non-fungible token with which you are interacting. It is the visual representation(s) of your collectible or piece of digital art. The Tokens/Collectibles/NFTs from a Series can be identical (eg. 33 identical NFT cards celebrating Max Verstappen as World Champion 2021) or they can vary from token to token (eg. the Red NVLPE and Kia Robo Dog campaigns in which each NFT was imbued at minting with unique traits and characteristics).

Organization in Practice

One example of a bottom-up description of this Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Macy’s Star Balloon Art is:

Token No. 1, of the Star Balloon Art Series, from the Macy's Collectibles Collection

(Token Number, Series, Collection Name)

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