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SLP, Bitcoin Cash Blockchain, and Sweet NFTs
SLP, Bitcoin Cash Blockchain, and Sweet NFTs
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Blockchains are the technology on which NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are minted. Their innate ability to store transaction and ownership information is the very thing that gives these digital collectibles life and enables the desire that we have to collect them. Sweet uses .

The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP for short) is an open source token platform built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. As such it does not have its own native token (which means you do not need to acquire other currencies to use it). SLP tokens are easy to issue, send, and receive using Bitcoin script, making them the a good platform for token projects. The SLP token standard is called SLP.

While we recommend keeping your NFTs on the Sweet platform to retain as much functionality and utility as possible, there is an SLP supported wallet and marketplace.

If you are interested in sending your SLP based token to an external wallet, you can send it to And if you are interested in selling those SLP NFTs, is a working marketplace for SLP tokens.

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