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Ethereum Blockchain and Sweet Digital Collectibles
Ethereum Blockchain and Sweet Digital Collectibles
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Blockchains are the technology on which NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are minted. The ability to store transaction and ownership information gives NFTs life and enables the desire that we have to collect them. Sweet uses. In its minting of NFTs, Sweet relies on a group of four different blockchains. Among these is 2015 launched Ethereum blockchain.

One of the most famous blockchains, Ethereum holds a special place as being the network on which many of the first NFTs were minted. As one of the first, it is often seen as a go-to in the NFT world. Yet it has some limitations--slow processing and high fees.

Ethereum is the driving force behind the two popular token standards, ERC-721 and ERC-1155. These two standards have formed the foundations for the majority of existing NFTs. In general, it is an excellent technology for NFTs, however since the blockchain throughput is small and the commissions are on the expensive side, Ethereum can be a costly tool to use to mint NFTs. Further, despite its effort of moving toward a Proof of Stake model, Ethereum can still be one of the most energy-demanding blockchains.

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