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Viewing Your Sweet NFT Purchase History
Viewing Your Sweet NFT Purchase History
Viewing detailed information about your digital collectible purchase history is easy through the Sweet NFT web platform.
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Curious to see a list of all the digital collectibles you have purchased regardless of whether you still have them in your wallet? You can view a list of your purchases and some of the details pertaining to each Sweet NFT through the Purchase History page of your account.

In Purchase History you will be able to see the transaction date, the platform by which you completed the purchase, price, description, blockchain on which the NFT was minted, and even view the transaction on the blockchain.

Viewing your purchase history is easy on the Sweet web platform. Just follow these easy steps.

How to View Your Sweet NFT Purchase History

1. Click on the down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner to access the account menu.

2. Tap on Purchase History

3. View, scroll, and interact with your purchase history.

Purchase History on Sweet NFT Web Platform

When you are done viewing your history, you can navigate out to the marketplace by clicking on the Sweet icon in the upper left or view your wallet by returning to the Account Menu view in the upper right and clicking on My Collectibles.

How was the Purchase Completed?

In Purchase History, you will notice the second column is title Type. This column shows the platform by which you purchased the NFT. "App Purchase" delineates one performed on the Mobile App, while "Purchase" indicates you were on the web Platform.

Note: At this time, auctions will not appear on this page. To view Auction purchase history, navigate to the Account menu in the upper right corner and click My Auctions.

Specific NFT Details

Under the NFT column in Purchase History you can see the Marketplace creator, brand, or team; the name of the Digital Collectible; and the specific token number. From here you can also click on the NFT name and a separate page will open displaying the token itself, description, and other information about your Sweet NFT.

Viewing the Transaction History on the Blockchain

With Purchase History view you can also give you the opportunity to view the details of your transaction on the blockchain. To see this transaction history, click on the link or arrow. Note, this will take you to an external blockchain explorer.

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