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Cavs United Gold Pass Elite 2023-2024 FAQ
Cavs United Gold Pass Elite 2023-2024 FAQ
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The Cleveland Cavaliers are excited to bring back Cavs United Gold Pass Elite for the 2023-2024 season.This limited edition, one-time purchase unlocks a next-level fan experience for Gold Pass Elite holders for the remainder of the 2023-24 NBA season.

Cavs United Gold Pass Elite gives exclusive access for you to enter premium, Gold Pass Elite Holder entry only contests (like winning Dan’s seats for a game) as well as claim perks such as arena tour happy hours, access to courtside pre-game warmups, NBA League Pass and more.

Gold is back in a big way with the Cavs United Gold Pass Elite. Get yours and LET EM KNOW!

The Cavs United Gold Pass Elite is the only way Cavs fans get these exclusive perks. Hold your pass in your Sweet wallet throughout the rest of the 2023-24 season and continue checking back to redeem new perks that drop monthly.

There are three types of perks:

  • Perks every Cavs United Gold Pass holder gets

  • First come, first served in-arena experiences

  • Premium contests

Ever gotten your photo on the court, visit the broadcast booth, or attend a Cavs Talk? Be one of the first to claim this perk on a night you have tickets and we’ll see you after the game.

Make sure to read the FAQs below. For additional details, visit our Help Center or reach out to


What are digital collectibles?

A digital collectible is similar to a physical collectible, but in digital format. To ensure each digital collectible’s unique authenticity, Sweet uses blockchain technology to demonstrate rights ownership and authenticity. This is similar to receiving a "certificate of authenticity" with unique physical merchandise like a signed baseball card.

How can I purchase an Access Pass?

Simply create an account on, then visit the “Buy Access Pass” link on this site. Purchases may be completed using either credit card or cryptocurrency. Once purchased, your Access Pass can be managed from your Sweet account, which acts as a digital wallet for all of your collectibles.

Do the perks associated with Access Passes have an expiration date?

Perks for each Access Pass program will vary by team or creator. For sports teams, perks are typically offered through the end of the current season, with new Access Passes then created for purchase for the next season (similar to most season ticket programs).

How often are new perks announced?

Perks for each Access Pass program will vary by team or creator. New perks may be announced anywhere from once a week to once every few weeks.

I claimed a perk but have to cancel or change my request, how do I do this?

Please contact us at or through the Support link icon in the lower right corner of this screen, so that we can route you to the appropriate team or creator contact. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee cancel or change requests.

If I Buy an Access Pass on the secondary market, which perks will I be able to claim?

You will be able to claim any that currently show inventory. NOTE: if you purchase an Access Pass on 3rd party secondary marketplaces, you will NOT be able to claim any perks, as the Access Pass must be held in your Sweet account.

Can I buy multiple Access Passes? If I own multiple, which one gets used when I claim?

Yes, you can purchase multiple Access Passes; although at this time, only one claim is allowed per Sweet account holding an Access Pass. If you own multiple Access Passes, we will use the highest edition number first.

Can I transfer my Access Pass to an external wallet?

Yes, you can transfer your Access Pass to an external wallet. However, perks claims are only possible when the pass is held in a Sweet wallet. There is currently no way to transfer collectibles from external wallets back into your Sweet account.

On what blockchain are Access Passes minted? What is the environmental impact?

Access Passes are minted on the Polygon Network. Polygon greatly reduces the carbon impact of digital collectibles via its efficient Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network. In comparison to other blockchains, Polygon consumes just 0.00079 terawatts (TWh) of electricity per year. To put that in perspective, one transaction on Polygon is the equivalent of watching a 30-60 second video on YouTube. Each Access Pass collectible is an ERC721 token.

What if I have additional questions?

Feel free to contact us at or through the Support link icon in the lower right corner of this screen

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