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Protecting your Sweet Wallet and NFTs
Protecting your Sweet Wallet and NFTs

Actions you can take to protect your NFTs and your Sweet wallet from hacking and cyber security threats

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As interest grows in NFTs and cryptocurrency, so does the potential threat posed by those who would try to gain access to the digital contents of wallets. The best measures you can take to ensure your security from these threats are simple.

  • Secure passwords and wallet seed phrases

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Protection of your secret phrase safe

How Can I Protect My NFTs?

Secure passwords - Choose passwords that you do not use for any other account and never reuse an old password. Keep them secure and do not store them on a password manager or in the cloud. If you write them down, store those in a safe place you can access.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Whenever possible enable multi-factor or two-factor authentication for your accounts and wallets.

Trusted marketplaces - The too-good-to-be-true offer you randomly received via social media is probably too-good-to-be-true. Purchasing through trusted marketplaces enables you to do your own research to ensure authenticity of the token and ensure that you actually gain ownership when you pay.

Security in connectivity at home - Updating your WiFi router’s firmware, using unique network passwords, and installing firewalls can go a long way in protecting your home environment from unauthorized access.

Security in connectivity in the Real World - Be cautious about connecting to open WiFi. Whenever possible use secure WiFI networks that you know and trust.

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