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Digital Collectible Selling 101
Can I sell my digital collectible on Sweet?
Can I sell my digital collectible on Sweet?

Several factors affect whether your NFT can be listed for sale in the Sweet marketplace.

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At times we need to let go of a digital collectible or two and set them free for others to enjoy. One way of selling some tokens is through a sale in the Sweet Marketplace. Not all tokens are immediately eligible for listing though.

The ability to list an NFT for sale is determined series-by-series and may vary at different stages of the lifecycle of the NFT. Some factors that affect include:

  • decisions made by the set creator or brand,

  • whether the series continues to be available for direct purchase,

  • IP licensing, and

  • future functionality considerations

How Can you Tell if Your Digital Collectible is Eligible for Fixed Price Listing?

Finding out if your token can be sold in the marketplace is easy. Simply open the NFT and tap on the Sell on Sweet button.

If the token is not currently eligible for sale, you will see a note stating, "Coming Soon". If it is eligible you will receive a message prompting you to begin the process of setting up for the listing:

Can I Filter My Wallet by Sale Eligibility?

At this time there is no way to filter or sort your wallet for tokens able to be listed.

Ready to put your NFT up for sale? Read more about Fixed Price Listings here.

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