Fixed Price NFT Sales on Sweet

Want to sell your Sweet Digital Collectible? Creating a listing for a fixed sale in the secondary marketplace is simple and fast.

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Whatever the reason, sometimes we feel the need to let go of some of the digital collectibles that we have acquired in the Sweet community.

A Fixed Price listing is the perfect solution when you already know the amount you are willing to accept to part with an NFT. Creating that listing is simple. In relatively no time, you will see your listing in the marketplace and you can even share the URL out to your favorite social media channels.

At times we find ourselves in the position of wanting to let go, with fixed-price listings you have two ways of tailoring your collection.

So how do you create a Fixed Price listing? Just follow these steps. Note, you will need to be verified and connect a Stripe account in this process. You can read our guides to get this done in our Knowledge Base here: Verify an account and Connect Your Account to Stripe.

* Note, certain country restrictions apply. See below for limitations.

Create Fixed Price Listing

1. Navigate to your wallet, open the digital collectible you wish to sell, and click on the Sell on Sweet button.

2. Confirm that you would like to list your NFT for sale by clicking Continue.

3. Select Fixed Price sale.

The Sweet platform will check to ensure that your Stripe account is connected.

Do you have a Stripe account?

If yes, Skip to Step 5. If no, proceed to Step 4.

4. Set up your Stripe account. Follow these steps to connect your Stripe account and return here.

Note: If you just connected your Stripe account it may take up to 10 minutes after completing setup for the connection to become active.

5. Review the royalty and fee description. You will see a breakdown of the fees while you are setting up your listing. Press Continue.

6. What is your asking price? On this screen, you will be able to adjust your asking price. The Total Cleared amount, the funds that you will receive from Stripe, will be auto-calculated based on your asking price, IP royalty percentage, and listing fees.

Hover over the "i" link to see the breakdown of Sweet Listing Fee, and Stripe Merchant Processing fees. When you are ready, press the I agree, continue... button.

7. Congratulations! Your listing is now live Click Go to your listing button to view the summary and grab a link so you can share with friends and on social media.

How Can I View the Listings I Have Created?

Viewing your fixed price listings on the web platform is simple.

1. Click on the menu in the upper right corner and select My Listings.

2. Once on the my listings page you can see all items you are selling or have purchased.

Can I Cancel A Fixed Price Listing?

Yes, absolutely!

1. Navigate to the My Listings page.

2. Click on Cancel Sale.

3. Confirm that you wish to cancel the listing by pressing, Yes.

4. Canceled, Active, and Sold Tokens will continue to appear in My Listings so that you can view your history at any time.

Will I Be Notified Why Someone Purchases My NFT?

Yes, notification will be sent to the email address associated with your account. This email will contain the amount to be deposited in your bank account (the amount to which you agreed when creating the listing) and can take three to five business days to arrive.

I Live Outside the U.S. Can I Connect a Stripe Account in My Country?

Currently, Sweet uses a third party vendor, Stripe, to facilitate payment on fixed price sales. Stripe is available in a wide variety of countries, but does have some limitations.

At this time, due to Stripe restrictions, users located in Mexico, Brazil, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia will not be able to connect their Sweet account. You can still sell your digital collectibles on the Sweet platform, you will just need to use cryptocurrency as the payment method.

To see if your country is eligible, navigate to Edit Profile and click on the Connect to Stripe. You will see a list of countries from which you can choose.

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