Is Telephone Support Available?

When you need help, the Sweet Support Team can be reached via email, chat on the website, text through WhatsApp, and Discord.

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At this time Sweet does not offer support by phone. We constantly work to ensure that we are able to provide the most support coverage to Community members in different time zones around the world through as wide a variety of channels as possible. Sweet has a dedicated, in-house Support team serving all Sweet and Sweet client users.

You can find support through the Sweet Help Center:

● Live Support nearly 24/7 (Monday - Sunday, 8 AM - 4 AM EST)
● 10-minute average response time
● AI Support bot providing instant responses to common questions
● Dedicated Help Center that includes FAQs and educational content

Support Contact Methods include:
● Intercom Chat Messenger on the Sweet and all client websites
● Direct ticket creation via Discord embedded form
● Text message Support via WhatsApp

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