Getting Support via Text Message

Getting support from Sweet on the go is easy through WhatsApp text messaging.

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In our increasingly mobile lives, sometimes a task started on our computer or web browser on our phone needs to be taken on the go. Sweet offers the ability to talk to our Support team using text messaging through the very popular WhatsApp.

Follow these steps to transfer your help conversation to text messaging:

1. Tap on the Sweet Pop help bubble.

2. Start a conversation by clicking on Send us a Message.

3. Let us know that you need help and would like to talk to a person.

Note: You will be offered an article from our Knowledgebase that may help. You may find that it helps resolve your situation.

4. To switch to WhatsApp, point your camera phone at the QR code and follow the prompt to open the text messaging platform.

5. Text the reply code to confirm you want to text. And you are done, beginning text with the support team as you would in any other situation.

You can return to the text message thread at any point to resume the conversation.

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