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Milestone Bonus NFTs: the breakdown and how to get them
Milestone Bonus NFTs: the breakdown and how to get them

You will find Set and Milestone bonus NFTs built into a number of collections in Sweet. Here is how to get them.

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Everybody loves a free NFT. At Sweet we work hard with our partners and content creators to develop interesting and engaging projects. One exciting way of building engagement is through the creation of set and milestone bonuses.

Set Bonuses

What are set bonuses? They can easily be thought of as puzzles, collect all the pieces and you get a reward. Each of the NFTs in a collection has a bit of utility that when combined with the other NFTs in the collection unlocks the release of the bonus.

In some cases, these bonus NFTs have their own utility and when you collect all the bonus NFTs, their combined utility can unlock a master NFT token. For rare bonuses, there may be limitations on how many can be collected (one per user) or limitations on whether an NFT can be used to collect more than one bonus.

Some older artist set campaigns have had their bonus NFTs exhausted. If unsure, reach out to Sweet Support team and we can check for you.

Set bonuses are awarded in in a few different ways. In some cases they are automatic after you have crossed the threshold of unlocking the complete utility. Others are set to release on specific schedules. And some require confirmation of ownership and chains of custody. Rules may differ from campaign to campaign.

Milestone Bonuses

Milestone bonuses are similar to Set bonuses but they are achieved in a more progressive linear fashion. Some campaigns, such as the New York Knicks NFT launch, feature NFTs that are released over a period of the season. As you collect these NFTs, your progression is monitored and displayed.

As you acquired digital collectibles in the series you will be awarded higher and higher status.

And in some cases, those achieved milestones will unlock bonus NFTs.

Like set bonuses, milestone bonuses may have their own utility or may be combined with other tokens to unlock a future offering or experience.

Bonus NFTs that may be rewarded for milestones can be awarded once the milestone is unlocked or can be set on a schedule determined by the campaign. You can often find more information in the FAQ articles for each campaign.

Learning More About Campaigns

Not all campaigns, collections, or series are created the same. Not all set or milestone bonuses are the same. To find more about campaigns read into our NFT Launches section of the Knowledge base.

There are a limited number of artists' sets on the Sweet website. Many of those older set bonuses have already been claimed. If you are uncertain of the rules regarding acquisition of the set bonus or whether there are any of the limited quantity left, reach out to the Support team and we can answer all your questions.

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