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Connect Your Temple Wallet to Sweet
Connect Your Temple Wallet to Sweet

Linking your Temple Wallet to your Sweet account is as easy as a few clicks. Follow this quick guide and you will be connected in no time.

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As often happens in life, we can easily find the things we have collected held in different places. The same applies to our digital collectibles. Polygon NFTs purchased in other marketplaces and held in your MetaMask wallet and Tezos tokens transferred or acquired elsewhere might be held in your Temple wallet. You can see all those tokens side-by-side with the NFTs in your Sweet wallet simply by connecting one or both to your Sweet account.

You NFTs will stay where they are in those wallets.
But you now have the ability to view those tokens all in one place.

Follow these quick steps and you will soon be able to view the NFTs in your Temple Wallet side-by-side with those tokens in your Sweet wallet.

Connect Temple Wallet to Sweet

1. Check that you have the Temple Wallet extension for your browser downloaded and connected to your wallet.

2. Login to through your browser and tap on the Wallet button at the top of the page. Or within your collectibles page, tap on Temple.

3. Tap on Temple Icon.

4. If necessary enter your login credentials to unlock your Temple wallet.

5. Review and confirm the connection.

6. Tap Sign to submit your "Signature" confirming the connection.

7. You are done!

8. You can now navigate to your wallet and tap Temple to view your tokens held externally in your Temple wallet.

Sweet! You have your Temple wallet connected and can now view your external Tezos tokens in Sweet. But what about those external Polygon tokens? Read on here for the quick guide to connect your MetaMask wallet to Sweet so you can bring that view all on to the same platform.

No MetaMask wallet yet? No problem. While you do not need one to collect, interact, and trade in Sweet. It may be useful for acquiring and holding NFTs external to Sweet. Setting one up can be easy. Read on to discover how to create an external Temple wallet.

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