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Connect Your MetaMask Wallet to Sweet
Connect Your MetaMask Wallet to Sweet

Want to view Polygon NFTs in an external wallet right next to your Sweet tokens? Connecting your MetaMask Wallet to Sweet is easy.

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An original Sweet Pop from the early days of our Sweet creative team, that long sought after Bored Ape NFT purchased in a Secondary marketplace, and the collectible series you compiled and now hold in your Temple wallet. These three NFTs, held in your different wallets, now have one thing in common. You can view them all side-by-side in your Sweet wallet. Best of all, connecting your MetaMask and Temple wallets in Sweet is as easy as a few clicks and confirmations.

You NFTs will stay where they are in those wallets.
But you now have the ability to view those tokens all in one place.

Want to view your Polygon NFTs currently in your MetaMask Wallet? You can do that right from your Sweet account. Here is how to do it.

Connect MetaMask Wallet to Sweet

1. Check that you have the MetaMask extension for your browser downloaded and connected to your wallet.

2. Login to and tap the Wallets button at the top of the page.

3. Tap MetaMask.

4. If necessary enter your login credentials to unlock your MetaMask wallet.

5. Confirm the MetaMask Account to which you want to connect.

6. Review and Confirm the Connection.

7. Tap Sign to submit your "Signature" affirming the connection.

8. Done! Navigate over to your wallet and tap MetaMask to view your connect wallet and tokens.

Now that your MetaMask held tokens are viewable in Sweet, it is time to connect your Temple wallet so you can view your Tezos tokens.

No MetaMask wallet yet? No problem. While you do not need one to collect and interact in Sweet. It may be useful for acquiring and holding NFTs external to Sweet. Setting one up can be easy. Read on to discover how to create an external MetaMask wallet.

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