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Sorting Strategies to Find Your Perfect Digital Collectible
Sorting Strategies to Find Your Perfect Digital Collectible

Tools and tricks to use when searching the Sweet Marketplace for the NFT that best matches you and your collecting goals.

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For some of our more popular digital collectibles, finding the token we want at the right price point can sometimes present an interesting search challenge.

Regardless of your collecting strategy or search methodology, the Sweet web platform has some tools to help you find the digital collectible you want, in the purchase method you prefer.

Primary Purchase or Secondary Marketplace

When searching for your next digital collectible, the you may find it listed either for Primary Purchase or in the Secondary Marketplace.

Here we begin our journey. Digital Collectibles available for purchase will appear under the Featured, Auctions, and Fixed Price tabs. Browse each for something that catches your attention.

Navigating User Sales

Under the User Sales tab you will find our Secondary Marketplace for the collection. This is home to NFTs that users are selling via fixed price listing. Depending on the size of the collection, you may be presented with a variety of sales. Sweet has implemented tools to make it easier to find the token that is just right for you.

Search Listing

Likely the best place to start. Try typing the name of a token or the token number to see what is available.

Buy Now | Auction | All

Use this simple filter to only display those listings that meet your purchasing preference. Under Buy Now you will see fixed price listings in which you can immediately complete the purchase and acquire your sought after digital collectible.

The Auction tab is perfect for those who have a specific price point in mind and are willing to get into the action in the search for that perfect NFT.

Sorting Listings - Buy Now

The sort drop menu located to the top right of the listings can be incredibly helpful. This feature allows you to sort by different priorities.

Looking for something just listed? Choose Recently Listed. Interested in that high priced item or budget deal? Select a sort related to Price. Finally, for those interested in the more rare early mint numbers, you can also sort by the Token #.

Tile View versus List View

How do you like to view your information? Tile view lets you see the NFT image in all its glory and can be perfect for searching for different generative NFTs on the Sweet platform. List view is good for seeing as much information as possible.

You can choose the view that works for you simply by clicking on the associated button in the top right.

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