Consolidate Two Sweet Wallets

Find yourself with a need to consolidate the NFTS from two Sweet wallets into one? Here is how to consolidate using simple tools.

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On some rare occasions, users may find themselves in a situation in which they have more than one account. This presents the challenge of managing your tokens across multiple Sweet wallets and an inability to view all of your NFTs in one convenient location. The fix to this is the consolidation of the two accounts, and you can easily do it yourself using a simple tool with which you may already be familiar--Gifting a Token.

If you want to consolidate token(s) from one account into another, log in to the account from which the tokens will be moved, tap on a token, and tap Gift this Token. You will be presented with a QR code or a link to send to yourself. Log in to the account to receive the token and "accept" the token by either scanning the QR code or opening the link you sent to yourself.

Voila! The token has moved. Perform this as often as you need to migrate the tokens.

Our step-by-step guide to Gifting a Token can be found in our Help Center here. As can our help article on Scanning a QR code.

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