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Sweet NFT Wallet - Storehouse of Your Digital Collectibles
Sweet NFT Wallet - Storehouse of Your Digital Collectibles

Home to your growing collection of NFTs acquired on Sweet, your wallet gives you access to your collection and allows you to interact

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Whether it was news stories telling of the NFT revolution, interest in a Kia Robo Dog, or fascination in digital collectibles for sports such as the NBA or Formula 1, you have found yourself here, in the Sweet Community and acquiring NFTs. All of these digital collectibles get stored in your personal wallet that is housed at Sweet and associated with your Sweet account.

Your personal wallet is created in those first moments when you set up your account and stays tied to you throughout your participation in the Sweet Community.

Wallet = Collection = Sweet Account

Your Collection of NFTs

Your wallet at Sweet holds proof of ownership of the digital collectibles (aka tokens or NFTs). This internal wallet receives all the NFTs you acquire and is the wallet from which the collectibles you sell or trade away get sent. It is your collection in the Sweet Platform and you can view that on the Sweet Mobile app or Web Platform

External Wallets

Similar to your Sweet wallet, you may create and use wallets on platforms external to Sweet. Examples of external wallets are MetaMask, Kukai, and Temple and they can be used to house NFTs acquired on other platforms.

Sweet supports sending your digital collectibles off platform to these wallets. However, at this time, we do not have a mechanism for receiving tokens sent back to your Sweet wallet. So make sure that you evaluate whether sending the token to an external wallet is in alignment with your interests. Sometimes tokens in the Sweet platform will have associated utility that grants future access to other NFTs or benefits in real life (IRL). That utility may become lost if your collectible leaves your Sweet wallet. Read more about setting up and sending to external wallets in our Knowledgebase.

If you have NFTs outside of Sweet, you can now connect your MetaMask and Temple wallets to your Sweet account and view those digital collectibles side by side with those in your Sweet wallet. Check out our step-by-step guide to quickly connecting MetaMask and Temple wallets.

Read more about how you can protect your Sweet wallet here.

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